Are you always swinging between being “good” and “bad” or healthy and not so healthy? Are the not so healthy days, more often than the healthy days? Does your day start off healthy and full of healthy intentions, but end in chocolate and wine despite your good intentions? Do you know how to eat and be healthy, but you just aren’t able to stick to it consistently for the long term, no matter how hard you try and how much damn willpower you use? Or do you just feel ready to finally transform your life, because enough is enough of feeling bloated, tired, and kinda miserable in yourself, but are so confused and overwhelmed by all the information out there?  


Girl, I hear ya!  


Believe me, I’ve been through and tried it all.  I know how it feels to not know where to start or what to eat!  But, I also know what it feels like to wake up everyday excited and full of energy, to feel confident your food choices are nourishing you and helping you reach your goals, to sleep amazingly well and to kick the cravings and 4pm energy slumps.  


Check out what some of my clients have to say about their experience in the program in these videos below. These are busy, working women and mamas just like you, who have had amazing transformations. If they can do it, you can too! 


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I have better skin & brighter eyes. I’m sleeping better & waking easier. I’m feeling more alert & concentrating better at work. I find it easier saying no to certain foods & my clothes don’t feel so tight. My blood sugars are better controlled & I’m looking forward to the results of my quarterly check up! I’ve also had a few people comment on how well I’m looking at the moment & I’ve definitely noticed a change in my mood for the better!  I noticed today how much less I am spending on my weekly food shop… I never knew healthy eating could be so affordable! 


I’m feeling great at the moment – not just because of changing my diet, but for the changes in other areas of my life Eat Well + Live Well has taught me about. Feeling so good from these changes have made me realise that perhaps feeling crap wasn’t about how I looked or how big my jeans are, but are down to much more important things like spending time with friends, making friends, making time for family, and taking time for myself – to exercise or sort things out I’ve been meaning to for ages, or just relax a bit!! Definitely feeling a bit emotional and gushy grateful at the moment. I have had an amazing 8 weeks. Jennifer, you have kind of turned my life around. In 8 weeks?? I never thought that would even be possible, but its true, and judging by everyone else’s glowing faces, everyone feels the same! Amazing! – Lauren Radley


To experience healthy living and the benefits that come from it, but still have a social life with friends, chocolate and a glass of bubbly is totally possible!  I will teach you how to eat really well and live well.  The two affect each other.  What you eat affects your life and the way you live affects your food choices.  Together we will sort them both out in just 8 weeks time! 


I love working with motivated women, who want to make changes to their health and wellness for the long term.  Women who want to eat really well, so they can live really well and have full lives!  I love seeing the life altering transformations that take place when you start to nourish yourself properly, and the domino effect it has on all areas of your life!

I signed up to the course to learn about food and how it affects me. I have finished the course feeling better and more balanced in every area of my life.  Having dropped 2 dress sizes and now having a green fridge, I certainly would recommend the course to anyone wanting to change their life for the better! – Amy Moore

Just in the departure now waiting to board flight – Maldives here we come.  Had to go shopping before we left, as my clothes were all too big – looking forward to feeling a little more confident on the beach in swimwear.  Since starting with Jenn in 2014, I’ve lost a total of 24 lbs. Thank you Jenn – you are amazing and such an inspiration on us all. – Fleur Ayliffe


Eat Well + Live Well is an 8 week video based program where I teach you to eat and live as the healthiest version of you. We are going to get you eating and living amazingly well, once and for all. It will be easy, quick and sustainable- oh and delicious too. This is your chance to work closely with me to learn all my healthy tricks and secrets- I will share everything I’ve got!  


Each week during the program you will get and email from me with all the information you need for that week.  It will all be sent sent straight to your inbox so that you can do the program from the comfort of your own home, when it’s convenient for you, together with a group of like minded women who will support you along the way.  Connecting with these new friends will quickly become your favourite part of the program- it happens every time! I love working with groups of amazing women, who are eager to learn, make changes and be bursting full of the benefits. 



Each week during the program you will receive an email from me. Included in that email will be a short video about 20 minutes long. In the video, I will discuss the nutrition, food and wellness focuses for that week and you will receive handouts  with nutrition information and recipe packs to support the video for each week, that you can read in your own time. I will be sharing with you my tips, tricks and secrets to bring out your utmost health and wellness. 


Then we will connect daily in our private Facebook group to motivate and inspire, keep each other accountable and get all your burning questions answered by me!  You will have me at your fingertips for 8 weeks, I will support you the whole way through- I want you to succeed in reaching your goals! 

I have been getting so many compliments of how lovely I am looking! Even my partner said when I got back from my holiday that I had lost loads and my body was looking amazing! First time ever he has said that!! Measurements done today and since the start, I’ve lost an amazing 16 &1/2 inches and 10lbs in weight!!!! It has definitely been a lifestyle change for me. When I don’t eat well… I see a massive change in my body- I’m sluggish, my stomach gets so sore! I’m noticing things I’ve never noticed in my life. I feel more energetic too. Thanks for everything Jenn. You have taught me so much. I have done so many diets but never felt so good and I’m not even on a diet. I’m not deprived of anything! Thank you so much for everything and transforming me. I’m learning so much about food and me. You are one  amazing lady, Jenn. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the gift and tools to eat well and live well. – Kelly Crawford

Loving the advice and have found the halfway check point really useful to assess where I want to focus in the coming weeks/long term for sustainable change. I have lost a lot of weight, I was carrying a lot of belly fat (which I hid well!!) I weighed myself again today and I’ve actually dropped uber amounts, around 5kgs since we started which is incredible and just shows that for me and my relative size there was more fat on me than I needed (and wanted). I’m eating well, I’m comfortably full, I hardly ever snack and my clothes feel great, even things I haven’t been able to wear for a while, put a dress on yesterday that I love and haven’t worn for 3 years!! I absolutely know its all the advice and education you have given us. Thanks again.
– Jo Keegan-Lowery

Wow, what an amazing eight weeks we have had. I have learnt so much about healthy eating, my own eating habits, and have met a group of fabulous women to take the journey with.  Jenn is inspiring and challenged us to change our eating and drinking habits gradually with incremental changes becoming the norm each week. I’ve tried new foods, super foods, new exercise and lost weight along the way. The program has affected my whole family, my husband lost an amazing 22 pounds during the course!  I now feel confident that I can consistently make healthy choices where possible, and eat foods that leave me feeling full of energy, ready to tackle a busy day.  My family and friends have seen a huge change in my relationship with food and are always asking me about what I am eating. – Shelley Shenkman



Eat Well + Live Well is for busy women, who are ready to make real, doable changes to their health and wellness once and for all. I work best with motivated women, who aren’t afraid to: get super healthy, try new things, make changes and have tons of fun doing it!


Please note, this is not a diet plan. I am not going to tell you exactly what to eat everyday, but I am going to teach HOW to eat so you will have the tools to know exactly what to eat for health, energy, confidence and to glow from the inside out. I will also teach you how to get back in touch with your body so you will know exactly how to nourish yourself and it’s no longer a confusing maze to navigate. I want you to finish the program knowing exactly how to feed yourself and live without the need of a diet plan, points or other crazy acts of deprivation!  

I’m just coming to the end of Jenn’s Eat Well + Live Well program and would really recommend it. It’s been life changing. I’ve lost weight, feel so much better and I’ve never felt hungry once. Thank you Jenn, for your inspiration, guidance and support. I really feel that I’ve turned a corner in my life in regards to taking better care of myself in regards to food, exercise, my mind and my attitude. This has been a life enhancing experience and I like the new me more than the old me. Generally, I feel stronger and that all of this is helping me to be a better mother and a better wife, sister and daughter. I wish that I could express just how much this program has meant to me and how much it has changed me, but I can’t find the right words. It’s just been so inspiring that right now, I could cry (and I never cry) with relief that I found this when I needed it most. I was caught up in a cycle of self-loathing and over eating and junk eating and hating myself more and more and I feel that I have broken that cycle and can go on to become myself again. Thank you for that, thank you so much. And thank you to all you lovely ladies. There were days, I felt like eating junk or not connecting on the Facebook group, but then I’d come onto the group and be inspired by your comments and photos so that I got past it. Your support has been fabulous. I just did my measurements and I have lost ten inches in total and 14 pounds since we started! Eat Well + Live Well has changed me. I’ve grown in confidence, but shrunk in size. Jenn has given me the guidance and the tools to begin to treat my body and health with much more respect than I have ever done before. However, this program goes further than food. I have also learnt to open my mind to new ideas, new experiences and new opportunities. – Laura McDonald


Learn how simple, quick and easy eating and being healthy is

Learn how to pick foods that are healthy and learn why you are picking them

Change your skin from gray to glowing

Stress less

Learn my secrets to living really well

Have healthy, regular digestion and drop the bloating

Cook and eat gorgeous, whole foods that will get you in and out of the kitchen fast

Learn how to socialise and still feel healthy

Understand and reduce your cravings

Transform your taste buds and the foods you naturally crave

Learn how to achieve and maintain your ideal weight

Learn about new healthy foods and how you can easily incorporate them into your diet. (Yes, you still get dessert!)

Increase your energy levels

Sleep really well

Have strong, healthy hair and nails

Know how to socialise and go out and still be healthy

Feel healthy, happy and confident in your body

I was getting married in July, and knew that I wanted to lose weight before the big day, so I booked onto Jenn’s online Eat Well + Live Well program, and then carried on with 1-1 coaching afterwards. When I first booked my wedding dress appointments back in January, the thought of trying on dresses filled me with dread, as I knew that all I would be able to focus on was how much weight I wanted to lose. After a few months working with Jenn and I couldn’t wait to put on my wedding dress on my wedding day! The Eat Well + Live Well program was brilliant, it really helped to make sure that the changes I was making were for the long-term. After a while it stopped being all about the wedding and losing weight, and just started being about me wanting to feel healthier and stronger – and I do! Not only did I lose the weight I wanted to lose in time for the wedding, but I feel better about myself than I ever have before, and have endless energy (I actually look forward to doing exercise now rather than finding any excuse to not do it!). Jenn was brilliant the whole time I was working with her – endlessly supportive and kept coming up with new suggestions and things to try to help me reach my goals. I can’t thank her enough! I’m still putting into practice everything I learnt through working with Jenn and I would recommend any bride who wants to look and feel her best for her big day to get in touch with her today! – Sam Power


  • 8 Weekly Eat Well + Live Well videos

  • 8 Weekly Eat Well + Live Well emails complete with nutrition and recipe guides and healthy resources

  • Doable weekly focus points so you can make small healthy changes each week

  • Simple and informative weekly handouts that will increase your nutrition and healthy living knowledge

  • Recipe ebooks with healthy and simple to prepare recipes

  • Private Facebook group for motivation, support and to connect with me and fellow members on a daily basis

  • Daily coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want
  • 1:1 email support
  • Recommended lifestyle adjustments for a lifetime of balance and wellness
  • My personal commitment to your health and success

I feel so much better and my health concerns have more or less gone.  My daily headaches have reduced by 95%, which is great for me.  I have so much more energy and find I don’t get the 3pm energy slump that I used to get.  I’ve also given up sugar and feel so much better for it.  I have learnt so much and really enjoyed this program.  Jenn is such an inspiration. I highly recommend this course. – Louise Dugdale

Would strongly recommend this to all family and friends.  The difference I feel physically is amazing and as a mum of a 3 year old, I can’t believe how much energy and vitality I have now.  I also can’t believe how much this course has changed my health and wellbeing.  I also feel more alert and self-confident. I finally feel as if I am in control of my food and not the other way around.  I have lost 9 lbs and my hubby has lost 11lbs.  I finally feel as if I am in control of my eating and supporting my family to a healthier longer life so our little one has us for that much longer! Thank you and huge thanks to Jenn – a truly inspirational spirit.  – Vicky Bartlett


For less than the cost of a meal or night out per week, you can be a part of this! Sounds great, right? But I have to warn you: this program will probably change your life- are you ready for change?


When: January 2021!  Get in touch for dates.


Spaces are limited for Eat Well + Live Well. I work best with motivated women, who aren’t afraid to: get super healthy, try new things, make changes and have tons of fun doing it! I can’t wait!

Please email me at if you are interested in joining the program or have any questions.