Are you ready to cut the crap? 

Or at least some of it and tune into what your body really needs???


I wasn’t going to run my usual Spring Reset as I do this time of year due to the current situation. I thought, who the heck wants to focus on their food and health right now. But, then I started getting emails and messages from past clients on a daily basis asking for help on the food and nutrition front. So I figured I had better listen up and give the people what they want. 


Maybe now is the perfect time to focus on your health and nutrition and take back control over one of the few things you can control these days: what you put in your mouth. You might not be able to buy the EXACT ingredients you normally get, but there’s a lot of goodness you can put into your body thru the simplest of ingredients.   


Perhaps, for you like many of the women who have already reached out to me, the novelty of being at home emotional eating, binge eating, non stop snacking, long walks back and forth to stand and stare at the open fridge door for the 100th time that day, the proximity of the home office to the refreshment station and the riding of the caffeine, sugar and processed white carb rollercoaster resulting in mental, physical and emotional stress has gotten old?


Are you also ready to fill your body with healthy and nourishing foods that will leave your body functioning optimally so it can deal with all that is being thrown it’s way right now?  We will tune up your food choices, so you can tune into what you really need to feed yourself right now. 


This isn’t about doing a drastic diet or cutting out all chocolate or all treats completely and eating “perfectly”- whatever that even means.  But, it is about taking back some control over your eating and how you are nourishing your body during this time so you can function your best in the all the roles being thrown upon you right now. 


 I created this 2 Week Tune Up for you. I know that by focusing on your health for 14 days, you and everyone around you will benefit. 


I will give you 14 days of healthy, delicious eating so you can feel like a brighter, lighter, shinier, more patient, more energetic, glowing, non sugar monster, less alcohol and carb craving version of yourself. It’s a gentle nudge in the right direction, with wiggle room because there’s a lot going on at the moment. 


I will be here to help you along the way, because accountability changes everything. And so does having a gang of online friends going thru the program with you to help keep you inspired and motivated.  I will be here to answer all your burning questions, be your tough love coach when you need a gentle nudge up the backside to turn around and step away from the fridge for the 99th time that morning.  


 Are you in?



2 Week Tune Up is 14 days of eating healthy and nourishing food that you can do anytime, from anywhere in the world.  I will be running it over set dates from May 4-18th, but if you can’t join me then, you can still do it.  You will get the same benefits and everything will still be available to you.  I want this to fit into your life in the current situation.  


This is 14 days of healthy eating and cutting back on all the crap that may have mindlessly snuck in and stuck around.  I want to reintroduce you to your old friend called vegetable. We will be eating real, whole foods that you can find at the grocery store, and even if you can’t find it, it’s not a problem, all the recipes are easy, so you can chop and change and make them work for you with what you have on hand and available. Yes, we will cut some things out of your diet that aren’t contributing to you feeling amazing or fitting into your clothes better, but you won’t miss them. 


I have made this as easy as possible for you in the current situation.   I am going to give you a framework with lots of recipes to choose from that you can slot into the meal plan to work for you and your family.  They are easy to chop and change so that you can use what you have on hand or can easily pick up.  But, I am using simple recipes with simple ingredients, nothing crazy that a regular super market wouldn’t stock aka no trips to the health food shop if you don’t want.  If you can read, you can do the plan, it doesn’t matter if you can’t cook normally or are hopeless in the kitchen.  This is so easy, I’ve got you!  

You won’t have to think about a thing- I’ve done it all for you.  I am going to give you lots of healthy options for things to eat and drink for 14 days of healthy, deliciousness to make you feel amazing!  You will get a meal plan, recipes, daily checklists – everything you need and all you have to do is follow along- it’s fool proof. If you can read, you can do the plan, it doesn’t matter if you can’t cook normally or are hopeless in the kitchen.  This is so easy, I’ve got you!  


This 14-day plan is designed to help you kick your cravings- especially the sugar ones, reduce bloating and help you shift some unwanted pounds.  It will increase your energy, get your skin glowing from the inside out, as well as improve your sleep and digestion. All that?  Yup! Sounds too good to be true, I know. But, I know it’s that easy and that the plan works, because hundreds of my past participants have told me so. 


Please note: this program isn’t about new recipes.  If you have worked with me in the past, you might recognise some of the recipes or not.  Chances are you aren’t making them every week even if you have seen them before.  The point of these 2 weeks is to get you eating healthy again, and you can use my recipes I will provide or mix in your own.  But, this is about keeping you accountable and cutting the crap for 14 days, so that at the end you can keep going on your own.


This is not 14 days of juicing, just salads or weird ingredients you will have to search and pay a fortune for. No. This is not a diet or starvation. You will NOT be going hungry – I promise you that. I will not allow you to be hangry (hungry + angry). No weird powders or potions- you get to eat real, whole food and plenty of it. I am going to love you up with so much delicious food, your cravings, bloating, and energy slumps are going to disappear!  Yup, you will eat yummy food and probably drop a few pounds too.  


I mean, sure, you can create your own meal plan for 14 days and try to follow it by yourself. But, let’s be honest, even with the best of intentions, are you actually going to do it and then really stick to it for 14 days by yourself? I wouldn’t! Doing it by yourself is hard!


But, when you have a group of new friends in our private detox Facebook group going through the same experience with you, there to answer your questions, give support and motivation, it’s super easy!  I never do things like this alone-I need support and accountability.  If I do it by myself, after 2 days, I’m ready to throw in the towel, because no one is there to keep me motivated to keep going!  You’re way more likely to stick to the plan if you have me and a whole group of others, by your side. 


Go team! 

Feel great, flat tummy & lost 7lb! But most importantly I’ve loved the food & feel re-inspired to continue with our ‘clean living.

Shelley Hanley

Calm, less bloated, relaxed, enjoying the fact that it’s been easy to prep and feeling determined to continue.
Tracey Watson

I really enjoyed this week! The recipes were delicious and I’ve eaten a few things for the first time and loved them. The interaction on Facebook is great, in fact I just love the whole concept. You make it so easy Jennifer. Thank you so much!

Kay Bailhache


  • Eat lots of yummy, seasonal food and dishes 
  • Drop some pounds
  • Lose the bloating
  • Sleep better
  • Improve your digestion
  • Get glowing skin from the inside out
  • Be full of energy
  • Have tons of fun. I know it sounds strange, but it really is fun! The motivation, support and connection from the group is fab!

You will enjoy so much good food, that you won’t even notice those nasties that might have crept into your diet in excess like too much sugar, caffeine, gluten, alcohol and dairy, disappear!  This is an opportunity for you to connect back with your body and feed it what it actually needs, instead of listening to what your crazy cravings say! 


  • Feel freakin amazing!
  • Kick or at least reduce your sugar and junk food cravings
  • Wake up feeling rested and refreshed, you’ll probably jump out of bed before the alarm by the end
  • Say see ya later 3pm energy slump and buh-bye blood sugar highs and lows
  • Learn to cook with new and exciting ingredients
  • Expand your recipe repertoire with some new, easy and healthy dishes
  • Cut back on food waste. You will actually use everything on your shopping list
  • Eat delicious, seasonal, energy giving foods
  • Be inspired and excited to be in the kitchen
  • Not have to think about what to eat or wonder what’s for dinner
  • Be prepared and organised with your food each day. This will save you time, energy and money
  • Did I say feel freakin amazing yet??? Yup, that too!

We are going to cut out foods and common allergens like:  dairy, caffeine, gluten, sugar and alcohol.  This plan is gluten free and vegan.  We will eat foods that will fill you up, and give you the energy you need for your busy life. 

Sleep is so much better, skin clearer and it’s been great to have a plan for the week. Thanks Jennifer.
Aileen Falla


If you are scared and wondering, “What the heck am I going to eat for 14 days and how am I not going to be hungry?”  I want you to know: I am a foodie and a trained health foods chef. I love food. I am not interested in going hungry. I have guided thousands of people through plans like this, and ya know what?  Not one of them has ever said to me they were hungry.  

Actually they say the opposite:


Just wanted to send you a note of appreciation for your work and inspiration, learned a lot and feel healthier since I joined your “gang”. I looked at the new detox and I am really exited about it, thank you for adding the week menu plan! Looking forward to doing it, I will be traveling the week of the detox so I will do it starting tomorrow! 

Jelena Pia-Comella


Thank you Jennifer Moore for another fab detox. I have weighed myself this morning and I have lost 4lbs, so I am on track for that Christmas dress figure. I also got a new personal best at the park run. Thanks everyone for your support, pictures and inspiration, you all helped me stick to it. 

Kelly-Rose Crawford

 Apart from missing a cup of tea & wine to begin with – I’ve never felt hungry , have slept brilliantly , have more energy , skin & eyes are clearer & I feel alive for a change! 

Sam Creasey


A 14 Day Plan, you will know exactly what to do and when each day! This will be your guide during the program.

14 days of quick, healthy, seasonal recipes, laid out in an easy to follow format, so you can whip them up in no time.

A 14 Day Meal Plan, complete with recipe ideas for 3 meals per day, plus snack ideas.

Access to a private Facebook group where you have access to me to ask all your questions! This is a great place for sharing with other participants, as well as staying inspired and motivated!  This is always everyone's favorite- the support that happens here is amazing!

Daily tips and tricks in the kitchen to help grow your skills and keep you inspired and motivated.

Weekly Facebook Live sessions with me, where you can receive 1:1 coaching, ask your questions and connect with me.


1. Sign up by clicking on the BUY NOW up button below.  After you sign up, you will receive a welcome email from me.  I will send you your full pdf plan for you to download a few days before we start so you will have plenty of time to prepare and gather your ingredients. If you use gmail, look under the promotions tab. 

2. The 2 Week Tune Up will run from May 4-18th. But like I said above, you can do it anytime you like if those dates don’t work for you. 

3. You can get involved from anywhere in the world!  Isn’t technology cool?!?!

4. £49  When you click here or on the sign me up button below you will get a pop-up to pay with your 

Important:  All info will be sent to the email address you use when you sign up or that is linked to you Paypal account if that’s how you pay.  Email me if you want me to use a different email address.  

I have resisted detoxes because I hate to be deprived of food! So the thing that motivated me to join this one was the delicious recipes and easy to follow guide that Jenn provides. As a result, I felt energised, looked and felt better than I have in years, ate loads of fabulous food and lost weight without even thinking about it. It also made me seriously reconsider my food choices and commit to changing my eating habits on a long-term basis.



Wondering if this is right for you?  Answers to frequently asked questions below: 

The 2 Week Tune Up is right for you if: 

  • You’re busy.  Whether you are busy with work or at home with the kids, or trying to work whilst at home with kids, this plan is doable.  You won’t be spending hours in the kitchen and within a few days you will have more energy than you know what to do with to help you get through your busy days. 
  • You’re new to healthy eating.  Don’t worry, don’t be scared.  I will ease you into this and it’s not hard.  You won’t have to use willpower to struggle through the days.  You will be eating so much delicious food, you won’t even notice you are detoxing, except for how great you are feeling. 
  • You’re scared you won’t be able to do 14 days.  That’s okay, maybe you do 3 days and you will have a whole bunch of extra new, healthy recipes you can add to your repertoire.  Even if you don’t last for the whole 14 days, you will still benefit and can use the extra recipes whenever you want. 
  • You can’t cook.  That’s okay, the recipes are super simple, you don’t need to be a chef. 
  • You don’t have any fancy equipment.  That’s fine.  If you have a blender, great.  If not, there will be other options you can choose from that don’t require equipment so you can still join in!  

  • You want to learn more about healthy eating in a way that is sustainable and yummy so you can make healthy choices for you and your family.
  • You want to shed a few pounds.  My past participants who have followed the plan, tend to lose 2-5 pounds during the week.  Please note that results differ for everyone, some don’t lose anything.  This is not a quick weight loss plan, but a chance to fill our bodies with nourishing foods that will make us feel good for 14 days. 
  • You want to try a healthy eating plan, but don’t want to do it alone.  Don’t worry, you won’t be alone! I will be with you and you can share the experience with other from around the world on the Facebook page.   
  • You have dietary restrictions.  No problem, all the recipes are dairy free, sugar free, vegan, gluten free and delicious.  
  • You’ve detoxed with me in the past, enjoyed it and felt great and want more of that feeling! YAY! More feeling great coming at ya!