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Sign up to my newsletter and grab my manifesto! This is how I want to feel everyday and I want you to feel this way too, because it’s freaking amazing! If you love this Eat Well + Live Well manifesto as much as I do, you can make it your phone background or computer desktop or screen saver! How cool is that! I’ve got a white and black variation of the manifesto for you.  Send me a picture- I want to see this on your phone and computer!

Download Desktop


To make the Eat Well + Live Well Manifesto your desktop, just click on the black or white manifesto above whilst on your computer, then in the new tab that will open with the full size, right click and save the image as your desktop or download the image and then set it as your desktop or wallpaper. To set your desktop or screen saver on a Mac: click on the apple icon in the top lefthand corner, go to system preferences, then click desktop or screen saver. Done! 

Download Mobile


Click on the black or white phone option above, then save the image that opens to your phone. Then you can set the image as your screen saver.  Go to settings, wallpaper, choose a new wallpaper, all photos, select the image and set. Easy!