I teach women to eat well, so you can live an amazing, full life because I believe you deserve to live as the best version of yourself.


I believe that you deserve to live an amazing life. I believe that if you are tired, sick, constantly craving sugar and caffeine and lacking energy, that you are not living your most amazing life. I believe and I know from experience that a few changes to your diet can completely change your life from just living, to living really freaking well. I know that the key ingredient to living really well, is eating really well.


Thankfully, eating well is quick, easy and delicious. I’ll show you how!


I don’t want to just be alive or survive.  I want to live well.  Like really freaking well.  I want to live my best possible life with my favourite people, squeezing all the juicy moments and experiences out of life.  I like to eat delicious food and have fun, get sh*t done in my work, and cram as much as possible into the day. I feed my life through my food choices so my life can be bold and full and rich in experiences.  I couldn’t live my best life if I wasn’t eating for my best life. 


Just like you, I’m busy. When I’m not eating well, I barely have enough energy to get me to 3pm, never mind working on my handstands! But, when I am eating well, I’ve got tons of energy and I’m productive. When I’m super productive, it means more time for play and things I love. It means in addition to a full work day, I can fit in a workout, or a yoga session, or some time on my paddle board or a play in the surf! When I eat well, I live really well.


When I started my yoga teacher training, I became interested in what I was putting into my body as fuel. At the time, I thought I was eating healthy, but I wasn’t. I was doing the typical diet stuff- eating low fat, but still having way too much sugar, caffeine, and processed foods. It was during my training as a health foods chef and health coach that I started experimenting on myself with food and noticing how different foods made me feel.  I found that the more I fueled my body really well, the better my whole life got.


I have seen and felt the effects of my food choices in my own body. I have seen my clients bodies, moods, energy levels, relationships and careers transform when they change their food choices and start eating well. This is how I know that food changes everything.

Ive seen it happen over and over again, and it can happen for you too. 
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